Creede 5/6 copper fly reel

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Old mining towns are a monument to American grit and the adventurous spirit. Men and women as tough as their axe handles pushed on in the hope of making their fortunes and living out their dreams. If you’ve ever walked down Main Street in Creede, Colorado with the sun setting over the Rocky Mountains, you’ve gotten a glimpse of a time gone by, still echoing across ancient saloons and general stores. Plaques noting gunfighters with names like Bat Masterson, Robert Ford, and “Cap” Light are memories of people who lived on their own terms. Collapsed mine shafts and rusted railroad spikes are now layers of history, lore, and a little bit of wild. 

Today, these mining towns mark an intersection between two cultures. The adventure miners and gunfighters once lived, now anglers carry on in the headwaters of the beautiful Rio Grande or high-mountain splendor of Squaw Creek. There’s a new kind of silver being pulled from the land—the flash of rainbows and cutthroats of a different kind of value. Wherever there was mining, there were sure to be adventurous souls and rivers with fish, just begging for a fly–not to mention a few mason jars of our namesake spirit. 

Despite its hardships and the mining days of glory long gone, Creede is a place that never became a ghost town. It found a way to survive. When we were designing our first-ever reel, we were inspired by this never-say-die attitude. At Moonshine, we hang our hat on grit, hard work, and craftsmanship—a few qualities that are still alive and well in wild places. 

In that spirit, we’re proud to introduce The Creede. Machined from 6061 Forged Aluminum and a sealed carbon fiber stacked drag, this reel is designed to be as tough as the miners that came before it. From larger headwaters of the RIO Grande, to the smaller Squaw Creeks, we’ve got you covered in your freshwater adventures. 

  • Large Arbor, Fully Machined 6061 Forged Aluminum 
  • Fully Sealed, Carbon Fiber Disc Drag
  • G10 Handle
  • Unique Design and Colorways in Raven–Gunmetal or Raven–Copper

3|4   5.15oz   3.35” diameter   140yd capacity

5|6   5.65oz   3.74” diameter   150yd capacity

7|8   6.35oz   4.17” diameter   185yd capacity