Kent Chore Coat

Kent Chore Coat

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Get it on.

Don't do it. Don't go outside in that janky old parka even if it's just for a quick jaunt. The Kent Chore Coat has got your back—and front. Because chattering teeth won't help you get the job done. Named for our co-founder Sara Kent DeLuca, this coat is inspired by her farm childhood winters, when a short midnight walk to the barn to check on the lambs felt like a mile.

Packed with purpose. Toasty but never roasty. This coat answers all questions, including What is the meaning of life? A clever pocketing system means hidden ones, deep handwarmers, zip ones, snap ones. And that all-important hood stays on, adjusts to fit, and comes off when it warms up. Just how warm? We built Kent for work. Which means warm without being too hot, and roomy enough for layers. Kent also features the world's first plant-based water- and stain-repellent.

True Blue partner: Big props to our partner in production, Anubha. A young and forward-thinking mill in India, Anubha is recognized for its edge-of-the-cutting-edge sustainable and fair-trade manufacturing practices.


  • Medium-level warmth. Just right. 
  • Roomy back cut. Move easy.
  • Zip-off hood. Use/lose.
  • Reinforced elbows. Stay sharp.
  • 6 pockets. Bring it.


  • Midweight insulated stretch canvas 
  • Medium-level warmth
  • Water resistant
  • Canvas treated with plant-based water- and stain-repellent EcoElite™ 
  • Fabric weight: 8.4 oz
  • Fabric content:
    • canvas outer: 98% cotton/ 2% spandex
    • fill: 100% polyester
    • lining: 100% cotton